ebrain is supported by all the partner organisations listed below.  Access to ebrain is provided to members of the partner organisations.

European Academy of Neurology


access via

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UK Spinal Surgery Board

  access via

British Association of Spine Surgeons

British Scoliosis Society

Society for back pain research


  access via

University College London

  access via UCL website to students registered on MSc course



Joint Neurosciences Council 

  access via

British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

Association of British Neurologists

Society of British Neurological Surgeons

British Neuropsychological Society

British Association of Stroke Physicians

British Neuropsychiatry Association

Royal College of Psychiatrists

British Neuropathological Society

British Association of Audiovestibular Physicians

British Association of Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

British Society of Neuroradiologists 

Neuroanaesthesia Society of GB and N. Ireland

Primary Care Neurology Society

Paediatric Neurology Association


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