Neurosurgery Formative Assessment In Collaboration with The Society of British Neurological Surgeons

The Neurosurgical formative assessment will be available from 08:00am on 19th May 2017until Midnight on 28th May 2017

The annual formative neurosurgery questions are now in their fourth year and are taken by nearly all UK neurosurgical trainees and a growing number of European trainees, there are 100 questions pitched at the level of the specialist part III examination.


This exercise is strictly for self-assessment, your scores will not be available to anyone except yourself.


You may start anytime from 8am 19th May 2017 to midnight on 28th May 2017.  You will have three hours to complete the test.  Retakes are not allowed.


On submission you will get your score immediately, feedback and correct answers will be available after 28th May.  An analysis of the scores will be published allowing you to assess where you are in relation to peers.


The test is free to everybody with an ebrain account.  You are asked to submit one question that can be used in subsequent years.  Also on completion you will be able to produce a certificate of participation.



Everybody with an ebrain account has access to this formative self assessment.


SBNS members or others with an ebrain account

  • follow this link
  • enter your username and password when prompted


Not an SBNS member - can I buy access?


Users who are not SBNS members may buy access to the neurology test questions for 10 Euros which will give access until 31st May 2017 using the button below.  Alternatively please consider joining one of the subscribing organisations such as the SBNS or buying a full subscription to ebrain.


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