Welcome to the ebrain e-learning programme, a gold standard in interactive online learning for professionals in the neurosciences.


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ebrain is a non-profit raising initiative and is brought to you by the Joint Neurosciences Council which is a registered charity. ebrain represents the world's largest, most comprehensive web-based training resource in clinical neuroscience.

  • Can be used by both trainees and trainers to support continuous professional development across all neuroscience specialties.
  • Certificates are provided that can be used within portfolios and to evidence self-directed CME.
  • CPD points can be claimed.
  • Incorporates 650+ interactive, multimedia-rich lessons in 24 modules, along with 100+ webinars, virtual case reports, practice examinations, learning paths and a bibliography.

Led by Dr Adrian Wills, Mr Nitin Mukerji, and Dr Amit Batla, the 500+ contributing clinicians form part of a multi-disciplinary team of expert authors and reviewers drawn from all areas of the neurosciences, both in the UK and across Europe.

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