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A gold standard in interactive online learning for professionals in the neurosciences

ebrain is a non-profit raising initiative from the Joint Neurosciences Council, which is a registered charity. ebrain represents the world's largest, most comprehensive web-based training resource in clinical neuroscience. The programme incorporates 650+ interactive, multimedia-rich lessons in 24 modules, along with 100+ webinars, virtual case reports, practice examinations, learning paths and a bibliography.

  • ebrain can be used by both trainees and trainers to support continuous professional development across all neuroscience specialties.
  • CPD points can be claimed.
  • Certificates can be used within portfolios and to evidence self-directed CME.

Led by Dr Adrian Wills, Mr Nitin Mukerji, and Dr Amit Batla, the 500+ contributing clinicians form part of a multi-disciplinary team of expert authors and reviewers drawn from all areas of the neurosciences, both in the UK and across Europe.


ebrain was developed in 2010/11 with enormous contributions from all the UK neuroscience specialties and the European Academy of Neurology. The programme was launched in Nov 2011 and there are now over 650 elearning sessions.

There has been an annual formative practice test in Neurosurgery since 2014, and the Neurology formative test began in 2017. In 2016, ebrain was recognised by the Royal College of Physicians as an awarder of CPD points. In 2017, we embarked on a regular programme to update the content. The team is focused on developing different ways to present the content, including virtual patients, bibliographies, question banks and webinars. We can also provide online components of residential courses.

Cooperating Partners

Joint Neurosciences Council


ebrain is wholly owned by the Joint Neurosciences Council, a UK registered charity.

Charities are legally barred from making a profit and all proceeds have to be reinvested in achieving the aims of the charity. No payments are made to authors, reviewers, module editors or clinical leads and there is no commercial sponsorship of this programme. JNC members are not individuals, but rather it is composed of Member Societies and Associations working in the clinical neurosciences within the UK. 

University College London

  UCL is a diverse global community of world-class academics, students, industry links, external partners, and alumni. The MSc in Clinical Neurology via distance learning incorporates many of the ebrain learning sessions as part of it's core curriculum. Please visit the online prospectus page to apply.

ILAE Academy

  The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) is the world's preeminent association of health professionals and scientists working toward a world where no person's life is limited by epilepsy. The ILAE Academy provides a virtual campus where healthcare professionals obtain and increase essential and clinically relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field of epilepsy. The ILAE features 50 ebrain sessions on the topic of epilepsy as part of their Level 1 programme.