Specialty Curriculum - Neurology

Clinical Assessment

Neurological Issues in General Medicine and Surgery

Headache and Facial Pain

Ischaemic Vascular Disease

Haemorrhagic Vascular Disease

Head Injury

Transient Loss of Consciousness and Epilepsy

Assessment of Patients Presenting with Blackouts    

Differential Diagnosis of Blackouts and Epilepsy    

The Diagnosis of Vasovagal Syncope    

Cardiac Syncope    

The Classification of Seizures and the Epilepsies    

Brain Imaging in Seizures and Epilepsy    

Role of EEG in the Diagnosis of Epilepsy    

Acute Symptomatic Seizures    

Social Consequences of Epilepsy    

Memory and Epilepsy    

The Causes of Epilepsy: Idiopathic Epilepsy    

Causes of Epilepsy: Symptomatic    

Diagnosis of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy    

Diagnosis of Frontal Lobe Epilepsy    

Occipital and Parietal Lobe Epilepsies    

Idiopathic Epilepsy    

Starting Epilepsy Treatment    

Monitoring Drug Therapy    

Interactions of Antiepileptic Drugs    

Management of Epilepsy in Remission    

Epilepsy in Adolescence    

Epilepsy and Learning Disability    

Management of Epilepsy in the Elderly    

Epileptic Seizures and Syndromes in Neonates and Infants    

Other Childhood Epilepsy Syndromes    

Use of Antiepileptic Drugs in Refractory Epilepsy    

Assessment and Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy    

Role of EEG in Assessment for Epilepsy Surgery    

Choosing Antiepileptic Drugs For Focal Epilepsy    

Choosing Antiepileptic Drugs For Generalised Epilepsy   

Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy Workup and Outcome    

Palliative Surgical Treatments for Epilepsy    

Temporal Lobe Surgery for Epilepsy    

Convulsive Status Epilepticus    

Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus    

The Diagnosis of Non-epileptic Seizures    

The Management of Non Epileptic Seizures    

Pregnancy and Epilepsy    

Management of Women with Epilepsy: Reproductive Issues

Neurological Infections

Neuro-inflammatory Diseases


Movement Disorders

Neuromuscular Diseases

Coma and Sleep



Diseases of the Autonomic Nervous System

Spinal Trauma

Degenerative Spinal Disease

Tumours and Cysts

Surgical Management of Low Grade Gliomas    

Radiology of CNS Cysts    

CNS Tumours: Basic Histology WHO Grading System    

Molecular and Cell Biology in CNS Tumours    

Clinical Presentation of Patients With Brain Tumours    

Referral and Management Guidelines of Tumour Patients    

Assessment of the Patient With a Brain Tumour    

Diagnostic Imaging in Brain Tumours    

Malignant Meningitis    

Paraneoplastic Neurological Disorders of the CNS and PNS

Principles of Chemotherapy    

Long-term Complications of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for CNS Disease    

Palliative Care and End of Life in Brain Tumour Patients    

Radiology of Dermoids and Epidermoids    

Pathology and Management of Dermoids and Epidermoids

Aetiology and Pathophysiology of Intracranial Meningiomas    

Characteristic Appearances and Differential Diagnosis of Meningiomas    

Histopathology of Meningiomas   

Management of Meningiomas    

Management of Cerebellopontine Angle Tumours    

Histopathology of Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumours and Schwannomas    

Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Acoustic Schwannomas    

Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumours    

Aetiology and Pathophysiology of Pituitary Adenomas    

Pituitary Apoplexy           

Management of Craniopharyngiomas        

Principles in Managing Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Tumours    

Radiology of Spinal Intradural Extramedullary Tumours            

Histopathology of Astrocytic Neoplasms    

Histopathology of Non-astrocytic Gliomas    

The Histopathology of Neuronal and Glioneuronal Tumours   

Pathology of Pilocytic Astrocytomas   

Tumours of the Brainstem    

Non-surgical Management of Low Grade Gliomas    

Emerging Treatments for Gliomas    

Aetiology and Pathophysiology of CNS Lymphomas    

Imaging Features of Central Nervous System Lymphomas    

Histopathology of CNS Lymphomas    

Management of Primary CNS Lymphomas    

Management Principles for Metastases    

Intracranial Metastases Imaging and Differential Diagnoses    

Imaging Features of Pineal Region Tumours    

Histopathology of Pineal Region Tumours    

Aetiology and Pathogenesis of PNET of the CNS    

Imaging Features of Medulloblastoma and Other PNETs   

Histopathology of PNET of the CNS            

Principles of Brain Tumour Management in Children       

Pathophysiology and Management of Arachnoid Cysts    

Pathophysiology and Management of Colloid Cysts    

Medical Management of Pituitary Adenomas

Hydrocephalus and Cerebrospinal Fluid Pathologies

Neuro-rehabilitation and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation


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