Organisation subscriptions

Many organisations arrange access to ebrain as a 'benefit of membership' of the organisation


Increases your membership

Makes it easier to justify your subscription rates

Allows you to build a page on your website with links to ebrain

Facilitates contribution to ebrain to ensure it delivers what you need

Helps establish your organisation as part of the Neuroscience community


ebrain is charitable and strictly Not for Profit. All funds raised are used exclusively to further develop the ebrain platform, and to pay for user support, product maintenance and content updates. No payments are made to authors, reviewers, module editors or clinical leads and there is no commercial sponsorship of this programme.

Healthcare or professional organisations from high income countries

£30 per member per year.  

Healthcare or professional organisations from middle income countries

£10 per member per year

Healthcare or professional organisations with members exclusively from HINARI countries

free but we may have to charge a notional fee to cover costs


HINARI is the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative. The country lists are based on three factors: Gross National Income (GNI; World Bank figures), United Nations Least Developed Country List, and Human Development Index (HDI).  More information may be found here.

Commercial or educational organisatons

We are happy to discuss providing access to part or all of ebrain.

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