Neuro-rehabilitation and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

Module Editors: Steven Laureys and Fahim Anwar

This module is on neuro-rehabilitation and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. The content includes sessions on occupational and physiotherapy, spasticity management, maximising independence and techniques for bladder and bowel management.  The module is of relevance to neurosurgeons, paediatric neurologists and adult neurologists.

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Available courses

Family Relationships and Supporting Carers NEW

Bladder Problems in Multiple Sclerosis NEW

Management of Spasticity in Children NEW

Managing Late Deterioration in Neurological Disability

Aetiology and Management of Pressure Ulcers

Locked-in Syndrome

Low Awareness States

Management of Spasticity and Associated Features

Rehabilitation After Stroke

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History Taking and Examination in Complex Neurological Disability

Clinical Gait Analysis in Rehabilitation Medicine

Autonomic Dysreflexia

Bowel Problems in Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosis and Management of Cognitive Functioning After Stroke

Early Supported Discharge for Stroke

Multiple Sclerosis: Maintaining Activities of Daily Living

Orthotics and the Avoidance and Management of Contractures

Pain After Stroke

Pain in Multiple Sclerosis

Physical Therapies After Stroke

Rehabilitation in Nursing Homes

Role of Occupational Therapy in Neurorehabilitation

Speech and Language Problems and Their Management

Assessment and Management of Swallowing Disorders

Vocational Rehabilitation Following Neurological Trauma or Illness

Management of Posture and Mobility in MS

Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) NEW