Clinical Assessment 

Module Editor: Adrian Wills

This module covers the basic principles of neurological history taking, examination and investigation, including broad introductory lessons, and others directed at common neurological presentations. The lessons have been written by neurologists, but are relevant to both specialists and generalists examining unselected acute or chronic patients with neurological symptoms.

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Available courses

Common Neurological Symptoms: Language Problems

Neuromuscular Assessment

Neurological Examination: Visual Function

Neurological Examination: Gait

Lumbar Puncture and Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid

Speech and Language Disorders

The Cranial Nerves

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Neurological History: General Approach and Common Pitfalls

An Introduction to Neurological Assessment

History and Examination of the Spine

Common Neurological Symptoms: Behavioural and Organic Mental Symptoms

Common Neurological Symptoms: Twitching or Muscle Fasciculations

An Approach to the Cognitively-impaired Adult

Examining Patients in Coma

Examination of the Limbs

Neurological Assessment: Movement Disorders

Neurological Assessment: Weakness and Sensory Loss

Neurological Examination: Cranial Nerves

Neurological Examination: Speech

The Mental Status Examination in Neurology

Principles of Neurological Investigation

Quantitative Assessment of Pain