Ischaemic Vascular Disease

Module Editors: Simon Fandler-Höfler and Amit Mistri

Written by stroke physicians, neurologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons, this module covers all aspects of ischaemic stroke, including epidemiology and service implications, diagnosis, acute and preventative management. Suitable for all clinicians involved in stroke management.

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TIA Clinical Features and Referral Pathways and Investigations NEW

Neuroradiological Interventions in Carotid or Vertebral Artery Stenosis NEW

Stroke Aetiology

Ischaemic Stroke: Carotid and Vertebral Artery Dissection

Cardioembolic Stroke

Providing Advice to a Person With Stroke and Their Carer

Impact of Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack on Individuals

Bibliography Wiki

The Impact of Stroke Upon Populations

Overview of the NIHR Stroke Research Network

Stroke Clinical Features and Classification

A Structured Approach to the Investigation and Evaluation of the Cause of Stroke

Acute Stroke Treatment

The Secondary Prevention of Stroke

Surgical Management of Carotid Stenosis

Performing a Carotid Endarterectomy

The Pathology of CNS Ischaemia and Infarction

Stroke Mimics

Stroke: Palliative Care (Life After Stroke)

Venous Stroke

Basic Principles of CT Interpretation for Acute Stroke


Paediatric Stroke