This course area is designed to support longer courses run over several months rather like an MSc but without the research component or the cost.

Available courses

ST3 and 4 Neurosurgery Trainees Course

  • Trainer: Christopher Akhunbay-Fudge
  • Trainer: Christopher Yusuf Akhunbay-Fudge
  • Trainer: Kush Bhatt
  • Trainer: Sorin Bucur
  • Trainer: William Bentil Cato-Addison
  • Trainer: Prajwal Ghimire
  • Trainer: Venkat Iyer
  • Trainer: Greg James
  • Trainer: Ahilan Kailaya-Vasan
  • Trainer: Samiul Muquit
  • Trainer: Arup Ray
  • Trainer: Amar Saxena
  • Trainer: Parag Sayal
  • Trainer: Priyank Sinha
  • Trainer: Saurabh Sinha
  • Trainer: Sandeep Solanki
  • Trainer: Christos Tolias
  • Trainer: Ahmed Toma
  • Trainer: Kevin Tsang
  • Trainer: Raghu Vindlacheruvu
  • Trainer: Raghu Vindlacheruvu
  • Trainer: Salima Wahab

ST 1 and 2 Neurosurgery Trainees Course

Neurosurgery Intermediate (ST4 and ST5 trainees)